Hilltop Garden Mausoleum, our outdoor garden mausoleum is situated on a hilltop overlooking the Willamette River with views of Mt. Hood and Mt. St. Helens. It is beautifully designed in simple, classic brick lines. Hilltop Garden Mausoleum is for those who prefer sheltered outdoor vault entombment, or cremation inurnment at moderate cost. Crypts and niches in Hilltop Garden Mausoleum offer the preservation of above ground placement- yet there is the feel of outdoors and fresh air. This mausoleum also offers a "Wall of Remembrance" for families who wish to "memorialize" or honor a loved one who may have been scattered.

The Main Mausoleum displays a quiet beauty and although it is an indoor facility, it presents a stately, monumental, solid image. The atmosphere is enhanced with large windows, heat, natural and soft lighting, deep carpeting. There is convenient parking both at the front door or at the lower entrance. The elevator makes all 4 levels of this indoor facility easily accessible.

Sites for Private Family Mausoleums are also available. This selection would enable your family to enjoy the prestige and privacy of having a location for your own private family mausoleum building. River View Cemetery currently has 10 such structures.


 Private Family Mausoleum



                                                         Hilltop Garden Mausoleum



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