Planning Guide

Planning Guide

One of the most difficult burdens is the gathering and organizing of the deceased's personal and financial records. Contact us for your complimentary Planning Guide.

The Planning Guide deals thoughtfully with the one true inevitability of life, and has been designed to provide you a place to record virtually all of the vital personal and financial data that will one day be needed. Information such as:

  • Locations of Wills and Important Documents
  • Insurance Policies and Bank Accounts
  • Personal Statistics and History
  • Social Security, Veteran's Information and Benefits
  • Financial Status
  • Family, Friends and Advisors
  • Memorial Instructions
  • Living Will Information and Declaration
  • Checklist of Things to Do

The Planning Guide is as useful as you make it. A place for the needed information has been set forth in a concise and practical manner, but it needs you to complete it...




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