Cemetery Grounds

Cemetery Grounds

As one enters the main gate of River View Cemetery from Taylor's Ferry Road, one drives along a tree lined road, stay to the right if you wish to find the Cemetery Office. As you drive through the cemetery you are met with one picturesque scene after another.

Beautiful Landscape

One of the many Dogwood trees located with in River View Cemetery, this Dogwood is very old and is located in Section 3. River View Cemetery is a virtual arboretum of trees and offers a number of trees which are unusual to this area in addition many of the trees and shrubs contained in the older sections of the cemetery are over 100 years old.



Historical Monuments

This lovely cross is a beautiful example of the magnificent workmanship of which many of River View Cemetery's monuments speak.



Simon Benson

The Simon Benson Monument in the foreground is located in Section 8 and in the distance can be seen the monuments of the Banfield Family, the Sinnott Family, the Blazier Family and the Smith Family.

Simon Benson was a logger and sawmill operator in the late 1800's and early 1900's and was noted as Portland's wealthiest lumberman in 1907, in 1910 Benson sold his timber holdings for nearly $4.5 million. Simon Benson bought and brought drinking fountains (known as Benson Bubblers) to Portland, as he wanted his loggers to be drinking water instead of beer.



Clarence D. Johnson

In the foreground is the Clarence D. Johnson Family Monument which is located within Section 8 of River View Cemetery. In the distance you can see the Eggert Family Monument.



Minnie Merchant Smith

Minnie Merchant Smith was the wife of W. A. Smith when she died at the age of eighteen. The angel which is atop the Minnie Smith Monument is a magnificent example of the kind of craftsmanship which was being done in the early 1900's.



Private Mausoleums

River View Cemetery has a number of Private Family Mausoleums, many were built in the early 1900's. They represent a marvelous example of stone workmanship.

Private Mausoleums are still available today!



Majestic View

This picture does not even begin to capture the beautiful splendor which is visible from the newer sections of the cemetery located just below the east end of the outdoor mausoleum. River View Cemetery can be found at the west end of the Sellwood Bridge and looks east with a panoramic view of east Portland and Milwaukie as well Mt. Hood in Oregon State, Mt. St. Helens in Washington State and on a clear day the tip of Mt. Adams also in Washington State.



Historical Figures

Virgil Earp - Brother of Wyatt Earp was buried at River View Cemetery on Sunday, October 29, 1905 at 2:00 PM. He died in Goldfield Nevada, on October 19, 1905. Virgil Earp was the famous chief of police in Tombstone, Arizona. One of the famous Earp brothers of western frontier fame, Virgil's life reads like a novel of stirring times on the plains which furnished unlimited inspiration for stories of cowboy days.

Virgil Earp is buried at River View Cemetery in Portland, Oregon because his daughter, Mrs. Janie Law lived in Portland at the time of his death.

Virgil Earp is just one of the many historical figures interred at River View Cemetery. Please visit our office for a list of walking tours available.




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