General rules and guidelines when visiting our cemetery.

River View Cemetery is private property owned by the non-profit River View Cemetery Association. River View is an operating cemetery, serving nearly 600 client families a year at the time of death, and more than double that for clients wishing to pre-plan. There is onsite heavy equipment usage and approximately 30 employees who routinely navigate the 165-acre site to conduct business. While River View allows the public to bike and walk through our cemetery, it is a privilege, not a right. Please help us in maintaining the Cemetery for its intended use of a peaceful, solemn space by adhering to the following guidelines.

Help maintain River View Cemetery’s intended use of solemn space

  • Empathize with mourners:
    • Keep your voice low.
    • When you a see a funeral procession, stop and move to an edge of the road until the procession passes. A funeral procession is typically led by a white van with cars behind it.
    • Avoid active burial sites and gathered mourners.
    • Don’t bike or walk over, lie on, or otherwise touch grave markers in any manner that could cause damage or disrespect.
    • Bike only on paved, designated bike routes.

Help keep River View safe for everyone

  • Adhere to the posted speed limit of 15 MPH.
  • Please stay to the right side of the road and leave room for others to pass.
  • Automobiles, bicycles, walking, and jogging are allowed. Please no roller blades, hover boards, e-scooters, scooters, roller skates or skateboards.
  • Please do not train with your bike on our cemetery grounds.
  • Stop or slow down at all intersections. Many of the winding roads of the cemetery have blind corners with obstructed views. It may be difficult for cars and machinery to see you.
  • The cemetery is open between 8:00 a.m. to dusk. Do not enter or trespass on cemetery grounds when the cemetery is closed.
  • Dogs are not allowed on cemetery grounds, except service animals trained to do work or perform tasks for an individual with a disability.
  • Do not use headphones. Stay aware of employees operating machinery, as they may not know you are there. Go slow and give them space.

Help employees keep River View tranquil:

  • If a maintenance vehicle or white van is behind you, move to the edge of the road until it passes.
  • Please comply with any employee instructions onsite. This is an active cemetery with mourners, burials and equipment.
  • If you have questions or comments, call the Executive Director at 503.246.4251.





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